Short and Sweet

Short and Sweet

It’s spring, 2012, and I’ve just weathered a personal storm with a lifelong “Friend” trying to criticize my creative work out of existence because of…well, that’s assholes for you.  I probably created this straight out of my head, though this isn’t its actual origin I think, ’cause MK is singing along, but it’s probably “day of” creation.

They live with ease: listen to trees

The trees can teach you more than most people please

(Learn from nature)

KNow the real value of what you hold on to

’cause if you don’t do it, you’ll never know REally You

(what do you need to essentially be yourself?  What would Yourself Really Be?)

Some paths have angels, others have devils

some paths seem to be empty, you can find at all levels

(this is a light-hearted reference to mysticism, probably influenced by our D’n’A comic)

All of the ones who wouldn’t listen are gone

it’s just you and this song, I’ve got to help me hang on

I know just what to do, I will create and be true

and I don’t really need anybody but you!

(One thing I like about this song is that straight-forward statement of purpose.  It’s about this experience making music is why I’ve held on to a life where I can do it regardless of what else I might miss.  The other thing: it’s truly short and sweet!  Which is a good description of Angela, too.)downsized_0410171823a_0001 (1).jpg

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