Integr8d Soul Loaded Lyrics and N-sights

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my new blog! This is just an introductory post so I’ll keep it short and sweet, which is also the name of the single up on , where you can contribute 50% of the price to Fresh Water!

I decided to start a blog because I care a LOT about the words we sing; words are where most people make their connection with their favorite songs.  I find multiple meanings and possibilities in our lyrics, sometimes even different phrases depending on where your ear picks up what you hear!

MK Phoenix bird can fly

Besides, I heard a cover of “Ain’t It Fun” by Paramore and clicked through to find out about the talented Haley Klinkhammer.  Her YouTube channel set-up’s very professional, and a lyrics blog is included.  What a great idea!  There’s a whole world of young performers out there outside of corporate media, many of whom have followings over a million strong!  It’s a Do-It-Yourself Age.  I’m going to do a LOT to fix up our YouTube channel, here:  I’m interested in shooting a nice video and getting a company like Promolta to promote it.  When we do, that’ll be another blog!

Over the next few months I plan to be writing and sharing posts about our songs, the song writing process, the words of other songs I find sublime or ridiculous, and basically, you’ll have the means to sing along to any song we’ve posted, with due credit given.  We may even throw in occasionally misheard lyrics, because raise your hand if you like making up your own silly versions of songs?

I also will throw in our experiences and what we’ve learned about the business as we learn it, to provoke discussions, hair-pulling and jumping about, and share each step we take in our evolution!

In fact, Evolution is going to be the first song I probably discuss here: I had an entire column written but who knows where that draft went.  Meh.

But let’s take the words, to a song that’s been heard a couple of thousand times now on sites like

The chorus says:

Go bananas, throw bananas, slip on a peel

better for you to hang on to what you know is real

Now, bananas is a play on “Evolution” and the immediate association with apes.  Yet, we’re also discussing the frustrations of romance: go bananas, throw bananas…it’s a very animalistic business, isn’t it?  “Slip on a peel” plays off “bananas,” too, but to the ear, it acquires yet another meaning.  One might indeed slip on a peel and find ones’ self the victim of a comical accident.  Yet, “appeal” could mean “charisma” which has led the unwary into untold temptations, and even to be appealing is possibly grounds for personal disaster.  All that in a catchy hook, too, don’t you think?

I could do an entire column or two on “Evolution” and just might!

Yes, I know we’re listed as a San Diego band and yet, we’re in Rome, Georgia.  It’s this mental thing about how much California meant to me, what it meant to struggle to hang on there for eight years.  Yet so much unique happiness we’ve had since our return couldn’t have happened if we had stayed, people and experiences that matter a heap to us.  Our rank would probably rise in the Rome charts.  I’ll get over it and change it.

You can find years of my writing online, including at the basis for my next book, Be Chill, Cease Ill . My California adventures and inner life are on there to thrill or bore you according to your temperment, so love or hate it, feel free to pass it along!I'd Go Anywhere Meme

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Be chill, cease ill,